Kandahar, where blogs go to die

Well, I haven’t written here for several weeks as I’ve been starting my new job in Kandahar, but it’s not because I haven’t had anything to write about or to report. I’ve had many exciting experiences and I’ve learned so much that I feel like my brain is about to explode. But it’s not.

In any case, my new company has a strict policy related to social media and blogging. I’m forbidden from writing here about the work that I’m doing, and I’m not allowed to take or distribute pictures of my surrounding. While this may seem lame, stupid, ridiculous and paranoid, it’s not – it’s just the last one.

Actually, to ensure the safety of its employees, my company has been pretty responsible and wants to continue to be so. I completely agree, and while I had a lot of fun writing here and keeping everyone interested up on my adventure over here.
But it’s over. That’s it.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to glance back through the pictures, contemplate the super serious entries, and shake your head while reading what I consider to be funny. If you are a book publisher and like what you see, I’m represented by Bob Loblaw, Attorney at Law (You don’t need double talk – you need Bob Loblaw.)

Cheers everyone and I’ll see you all in 10 months!

Watkins out!

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One Response to Kandahar, where blogs go to die

  1. Amy (Waten-something) Jergensen says:

    Boo, but understandable! I guess I will just have to pester John F. to post more on his blog. :) Stay safe, Adam!