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This is a group I thought of titling, “Musings” to pay tribute to Tracey Jordan, but it’s a collection of relatively serious topics. I’ve got some rules about these postings – they are my opinions at the time written. They should not be taken as an invitation to lecture me on why my opinion is incorrect. This blog is for me to write and you to read. Let’s keep it that way. If anything makes you think to the point of wanting to respond – go ahead and point your web browser to WordPress.Com and start the blog you’ve always wanted to create as a platform for your compendium of thoughts and opinions. I welcome it. I may even read it. How’s that for a description? Don’t answer that…

First Days in Kandahar

The process of getting into Kandahar was relatively easy, and at the end of the day, I was glad to be in the room where I’ll be living for the next year, with no indication on the horizon that my … Continue reading

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The camera doesn’t matter

I was shooting some portraits of the workers here at Camp Gibson the other day, and I was looking through the huge viewfinder of this new film camera and just thinking how amazing these pictures were going to be as … Continue reading

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The big transition

Sixty days worth of anxiety and stress came to a crashing halt yesterday when I sat down with my boss and told him that I was resigning from DynCorp and would be leaving within the week. That end date is … Continue reading

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DISCLAIMER: I have new blog categories to help my readers determine what they want to read and what they’d like to skip. Here are the categories: Entertaining, More or Less Mostly Pictures Encyclopedic, yet Mildly Entertaining Super Serious Today’s entry … Continue reading

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Super safe

It’s been a crazy week over here in Afghanistan. Only a few days after I had taken a nice drive to downtown Kabul, feeling super safe and excited about seeing more of the city, a suicide bomber in a northern … Continue reading

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Ghafoor is gone

Yesterday was a sad day in camp because one of the local nationals that had been working here for over four years, worked his last day and then resigned. His name is Sayed, but most know him by his surname … Continue reading

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When I first flew into Kabul, I noticed something from the air that I couldn’t explain. Driving through the city, I saw it from the ground and I still couldn’t see the reason for what I was looking at. It’s … Continue reading

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Longtime blues

This post is a little introspective, so if you don’t want to know what’s going on inside of me, then stop reading. Also stop reading if you think “what’s going on inside of me” means that you’ll get to see … Continue reading

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