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Mail run

The next time I go to the post office at home, I’m going to feel very bored. Yesterday, I went along on the mail run to Camp Eggers, one of the main army bases in Kabul. Alberto – the mail … Continue reading

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Ghafour – still gone

I really miss this guy. I wanted to get this portrait of him up because this is the way that he looks on a minute-to-minute basis – always smiling and laughing.

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And now for something completely different-er

Following up on my critically acclaimed blog post “And Now For Something Completely Different” I wanted to post a bunch of pictures of my new/old camera. It’s a Hasselblad C/M, Medium Format camera with a 120 film back and 80mm … Continue reading

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The Three Abduls

It has been a crazy week in Camp Gibson, and what drives me crazier is that I can’t really talk about what’s going on over here. You military guys know what it’s like to have to keep things from your … Continue reading

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DISCLAIMER: I have new blog categories to help my readers determine what they want to read and what they’d like to skip. Here are the categories: Entertaining, More or Less Mostly Pictures Encyclopedic, yet Mildly Entertaining Super Serious Today’s entry … Continue reading

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